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Spliffy NFT Collection

Available on OpenSea

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About Spliffy's

Rumored to have roots that stem from Jamaica, and to have spent time in the best gardens throughout the world, Spliffys have been popping up in pockets and on rolling trays across the globe for decades. While many selfless Spliffys have journeyed through the fires to help countless patients and clients live their best lives, a select few have dedicated their existence to becoming a funktional collection of connoisseur dankness rolled up for the lit collector. Focusing their intentions on introducing strain differences, educating on benefits cannabis can bring, sharing some of the best canna-businesses in the biz, and supporting non-profit organizations with the same values, only 420 Spliffys will ever be sparked up to the blockchain. While the Spliffy's Collection continues to gather and grow their members until the final 420th representative is minted, we will be seeking collaborations within the cannabis communities and NFT spaces, as well as selecting worthy charities that benefit those in cannabis that need it most. 25% of the sale of each Spliffy will be donated to these charities. 

Charitable donations won't be the only connections to RL Spiffys will be looking to make, but connections at cannabis cups, fairs, events, and more. Future prospects could include rewards programs for collectors, exclusive access for holders to gallery events, VIP spaces at cannabis cups and fairs, swag merch to show off your assets while on the go, and more!

Each Spliffy is hand drawn and individually created to entertain and enlighten their collectors. Spliffys each have their own properties and attributes, some shared and some rarer than others. No algorithms used to create combinations, just individualized care to bring each collector the kindest of the kind in each Spliff. 

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